Full Nest

the neighbors' eggs hatched a sense of relief swept down the street we all feel a new sense of vigilance scan the sky for enemies merlins, eagles, hawks we cannot see them yet no idea of the count only hear their hungry cries this morning I watched the mother swoop from the nest right over head so close I could hear wind in her wings and she rolled and dropped rolled and dropped all through the valley a clear celebration of her new family

Uncertain Endings

the play is the thing we return to and we know what is coming how it ends but hope for a twist as if we could learn alongside the characters transform ourselves, too live again, night after night uncertain endings for all a curtain call we cannot live expecting tragedy but we all have our tickets

The Dead Horse Trail

defined by horse power cannot rein in desire ridden to death ends justify being mean this work horse this dark horse cantered, loped, galloped rode hard and put away to whet our appetite barn sour, behind the bit buck and crib sired a sound rogue stallion we cannot put down and we leave in our wake a trail rutted and rotten [photo courtesy of the Alaska Digital Archives]

Dear Constituent

Dear Constituent, I realize you took your time to write me on this day but contributed not a dime so your letter will not sway while I am no expert I am the elected here don't get your feelings hurt a damn I don't give, dear don't bother to write me unless you include a donation logic won't work, see? this is my occupation

Alaska's Education Funding: The Simple Solution

the solution to education funding came easier than anyone expected on Friday we shuttered the schools on Monday we were open for business naturally Kindergartners were paid just a bit more than the preschoolers and so on, up to the graduates but they were no longer students teachers, professors, administrators left that Friday from their respective campuses returning on Monday as chief of this chief of that --- their salaries significantly boosted with free parking and curriculum gone, too replaced with standard operating procedures and training and workshops maintenance went into overtime hauling away the signs with words: school, college, university no new wells were being drilled

Missing: Socks

the mystery of modern man with all his technological wonders this simple solution eluded humanity there was no device gizmo or gadget everyone endured no one asked wondered or investigated the disappearances troubled so few others too shy to complain some simply embarrassed the status quo never questioned and the socks escaped one by one by one

Frozen in Time

snow deep and soft three mile slog a glacial pace across the lake a long ribbon of strangers under-dressed, over-dressed some in dress shoes down skirts, baby carriages fat bikers, dogs, families white, black, Samoan, Korean Nepalese, Athabascan, Japanese a girl with a narrow tire bike an impossible push I suggested, "leave it behind, no one will take your ride" she ignored my advice all of us in a pilgrimage of sorts, to stand and face a great wall white and blue, faces red with sun and exhaustion then one and all, we turn our backs and smile capture ourselves in time a time when the only ice wasn't in pictures or in our cups

Cutting Caribou

cutting caribou smile with each slice a gift from the Arctic cuts to the bone this realization happiness brought in a bag the tundra missed like an old friend

Today, Refused

the note from his teacher got carried away today, refused said said said words that blurred read and read again said said said even the word: said began to make no sense

World of Birds

at this moment the world belongs to birds in the distance gulls crying out with joy as they circle an ocean of trash a chickadee flutters at the feeder a woodpecker taps at tallow an unknown bird squeaks like new shoes on a basketball court these creatures within arms reach in the birch and spruce small songbirds singing orbiting over this all raptors and ravens three eagles, a hawk and from the coop the chickens cluck and call out warnings enemies in the sky enemies in the woods enemies in the ground a man made bird flies through all falls still for a second except for the gulls then a raven caws birds sing but the chickens remain silent

Accident Captured

in my pocket an accident, captured on film of what, I'm not sure alien planet infinite space an abyss some matrix glitch ones and zeroes revealing a terrifying tear in the cosmos or perhaps hope and energy spirit of a loved one returned to bring comfort a message there is more to life perhaps hidden in a pocket

Empty Nest

we take family walks rain or shine, through the woods around the neighborhood up the mountain today my son caught fish in potholes deep enough to hide halibut and king salmon stingrays and collossal squid sometimes we find treasures silver lug nut homemade tent stake rocks with veins of quartz today we stopped at a ruined hive high in the tree took turns throwing rocks until it fell to the snow we examined the empty nest paper thin comb no honey, much to his disappointment it would have went well in the king salmon salad he cooked as we ambled home back to our own little nest

Angles Betray Me

angles betray me corners I can cut but I am obtuse when confronted with vertices the symptoms acute give me a radius or pi and catch me around

Weekends in The Situation Room (Or: Believing the Unbelievable)

they met on the weekends at The White House Santa Claus suggested the venue a secure location, and vacant, he said of course he was right rarely was the jolly fellow wrong every Saturday night and they were all in attendance often meetings were tense so much at stake the future tenuous Easter Bunny twitched his whiskers when he spoke everyone listened even Nessie, who soaked in the pool, her long neck reaching into the situation room their main concern: fake news for years their very existence hinged on false flags and propaganda but now, even belief itself seemed up for question it is time we show ourselves the bunny blurted out silence, fell upon them all even Jersey Devil who

Bears Are Out

the bears are out, we say a warning for all to be more aware secure trash cans, and children when they lumber from dens groggy and hungry do they grunt out their own short warnings? do they have a go-to saying about humans? perhaps: "careful, Everything Destroyers are still here" or: "watch yourself, Fear Creatures are out there" what do they say what do the bears say about us when they awake hibernation over months melting like their fat layers and we are still the same as when they crawled into their dens bellies full of berries and salmon [poem #15 ---Poem a day for National Poetry Month]

Spring Tears

hearts melt, break tears puddle, pool innocence, a snowdrift gone, in a flash cry not, for snow winter returns, soon enough the sidewalk, will dry until tears rain, again again, and again


today a bomb huge, tremendous, bigly dropped the word drop in music means to switch the rhythm drop a beat water drops from clouds from eaves and leaves stock markets drop in elementary we sang a spring concert, the gym hot students began dropping from the heat and anxiety of performing for a crowd moose antlers drop in winter and small round brown turds fall into little piles from their ass moose droppings in Talkeetna, a celebration Moose Dropping Festival they don't drop moose from planes that would be a horrific bloody mess most days, the idea of a tourist asking about moose falling from high brings a smile but not today with this bomb and warnings of more today my heart dropped


listen you can hear your heart listen animals will speak listen walls are no obstacle listen water whispers become roars listen trails call to you listen ancient spirits sing listen again to your heart

Spring Fractures

the return of the sun brings melt downs spring swings in fractures within us darkness and light energy and exhaustion exhilaration bubbles shadows grow long cracks in the ice grow like the endless days ahead

How She Came To Be --- a poem for National Sibling Day

the truth? I said the following: one kid is enough my argument, my resolve a mountain, unmovable nothing could change my position my life was complete an overflowing bucket like adding more blue to a blueberry we were done having kids then with one simple question the mountain crumbled, berry blued water splashed from the bucket our son would have a sibling she asked the following: what if you didn't have your sisters?

Copyright Don Rearden...All rights reserved.  Whatever that means. 

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