Never Quit --- The Young Adult Edition!

I'm excited to give you a glimpse of the covers of our young adult edition of Never Quit. This will be out in October 2018 --- and I'm honored to have my buddy Joe Yelverton's stunning photos on the covers. Yes. Covers. The top book is the Scholastic version and the one beneath that is the edition the public will see in bookstores. This is the brainchild of Marc Resnick our amazing editor at St. Martin's Press. When Marc's own children were younger he realized that other than autobiographies of famous people there was a lack of compelling non-fiction for young adults. A few of his other titles were adapted for a younger audience and were a hit. He asked if we'd be interested in adapting Neve

Simple Sauce

no cups of this or tablespoons of that, only olive oil and garlic sea salt and hand ground pepper this in a pan, medium heat diced tomatoes, basil, oregano a pinch of sugar, some grated carrot more olive oil while the dough rises to marry the mixture and sleep beneath a bed of mozzarella and pepperoni then into warm waiting oven

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