Alaska Mad Libs!                  An Alaskan Oil Executive (Speaks Out Against / Supports ) Dunleavy

This week I heard directly from at least one Alaskan Oil Executive doesn’t support Dunleavy’s vetoes, but we’ve yet to hear from any of the companies publicly about how they feel regarding these devastating cuts to our state. To assist them, I have created a Mad Lib style template they can use to share with Alaskans. Pass this along so they can choose the appropriate answers and tell us how they feel! Dear (Citizens of Alaska / Governor Dunleavy / Koch Brothers), As the CEO of (Conoco Phillips Alaska / Shell Oil Alaska / BP Alaska/ Exxon Alaska/ Other Oil Company Alaska), I wanted to share my (disgust/support/horror/glee) regarding the recent vetoes by the Dunleavy Administration and (asin

Dear Alaskan Oil Companies....

Dear Alaskan Oil Companies, I know I’ve written satirical pieces about you in the past, and I’m well aware of the hypocrisy of what I’m about to write seeing that I’ve mocked your need for endless profits and relentless efforts to destroy the planet; however, I’m not attempting to be a smartass here, this is the real Don—writing you with sincerity and a genuine love for all things Alaska and you too are a part of this fine state and right now we desperately need your help. You have sat silently on the sidelines watching Dunleavy’s veto nightmare and rejection of a bipartisan budget. Today is your last day to help us. I’m afraid our legislators and Governor Dunleavy will only listen to a r

Trickle Dumb Economics

A brilliant new economic philosophy has appeared in Alaska, which will soon be known as the state formerly known as The Last Frontier. The architects of this train (wreck) of thought are Governor Mike the Destroyer Dunleavy and Donna What-Are-You-Doing-To-Alaska-Arduin, who apparently have invented a new form of government and economic policy. Clearly not fans of big government, in the biggest state in the nation, but huge fans of big oil, the two have envisioned a strategy of targeting those evils which have obviously been holding Alaska back from greatness on a Denali-like scale: children, the elderly, and the homeless. The former require problematic and costly luxuries like education and

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