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Beam Her Up, Scotty!

Strength like a giant cedar...

I write this brief post sitting in the sun on the trunk of our rental car. Annette waits inside the Proton Center for her last blast of radiation. When she steps out the door, she’ll have completed 20 treatments, and haven’t hugged our kids in 4 weeks. Which is why, as soon as leaves the building we’re pointing the car east and making the ten hour drive to Montana.

While her skin is a bit burned and she’s tired, I am happy to report that Annette has weathered this portion of the storm like the warrior she is. Last weekend we hiked and camped on the stunning Olympic Peninsula, enjoyed the shade of the monster trees, and communed with the Makah petroglyphs on Cape Alava.

We enjoyed our stay here in the Seattle area, putting in many miles of walking and hiking. We hit all the beaches we could, ate some great food, and appreciated the friendly people here, all working hard to get through this pandemic. All that said, we are ready to get to our kids and back to some semblance of normal. We’ve been at this since February. Now Annette will have three months to rest and recover and focus on the future. There will be no more tests or pokes or prods or scans until that scan in three months.

I’m sure between now and then we might add an update or two, but I’m hoping she’ll come out those doors any minute and we can get on the road and on with our lives.

We are continually grateful for all the support, help, guidance, flowers, food, prayers, positive energy and thoughts, and kindness and love from so many.

Twenty Times beneath the Proton Beam! (This is what the future looks like!)

Annette’s Coin #3094 — she’s done!

Back of her completion coin.

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