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Weekends in The Situation Room (Or: Believing the Unbelievable)

they met on the weekends at The White House Santa Claus suggested the venue a secure location, and vacant, he said of course he was right rarely was the jolly fellow wrong every Saturday night and they were all in attendance often meetings were tense so much at stake the future tenuous Easter Bunny twitched his whiskers when he spoke everyone listened even Nessie, who soaked in the pool, her long neck reaching into the situation room their main concern: fake news for years their very existence hinged on false flags and propaganda but now, even belief itself seemed up for question it is time we show ourselves the bunny blurted out silence, fell upon them all even Jersey Devil who normally snorted and stomped remained still they don't even believe in science anymore, Sasquatch said my naughty list reveals, Santa said the list again! Tooth Fairy interrupted do you have any ideas? my friend, Jesus asked, reaching over and rubbing Buddha's belly Buddha shrugged and said no one saves us -- el chupacabra cut him off but ourselves, he howled, you said that last week what do you think we are trying to do, amigo? everyone please...I'm sorry the arrow idea failed Cupid said softly, I thought more love... It's not that, Nessie replied --her voice sultry and deep-- even if we all appeared at once and stood on the wall they wouldn't believe we could try Fox News? Santa said, and for a moment they thought he was serious but then came the Ho Ho Hos they laughed, then fell silent once again I guess we try again next weekend? Easter Bunny asked and one by one they nodded as they started out the door Buddha, always needing to get in a final thought quipped: the news will not be new and cannot be fake if we are our genuine selves just stay out of the headlines, el chupacabra added--- all of you, especially you, Sasquatch

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