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Alaska's Education Funding: The Simple Solution

the solution to education funding came easier than anyone expected

on Friday we shuttered the schools on Monday we were open for business naturally Kindergartners were paid just a bit more than the preschoolers and so on, up to the graduates but they were no longer students teachers, professors, administrators left that Friday from their respective campuses returning on Monday as chief of this chief of that --- their salaries significantly boosted with free parking and curriculum gone, too replaced with standard operating procedures and training and workshops maintenance went into overtime hauling away the signs with words: school, college, university no new wells were being drilled we weren't actually interested in drilling at all the price of oil still stuck fifty bucks a barrel Alaska mired in a budgetary nightmare but the education system would be okay the paradigm had shifted lease purchases promised and cash flowed as if from a pipeline Alaskan legislators themselves began applying for job openings the new signs everywhere all employees wearing clothes with the logo and name embroidered, we were proud of our new company so long as the State kept the promised oil tax credits our education secure -- 

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