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April 4th’s poem: Death By Social Media 5.0

Death By Social Media 5.0 @Amerika4eva retweeted him his post grew in popularity he liked her profile photo a jalapeño in the comments they shared, LOL’d, and soon heart emojied this thing might go viral there was no logging off no longer only about the selfie this wasn’t “it’s complicated” this was status changing but then, a #yolo snap chatted him to his senses @realdonaldtrump had retweeted her! #MAGA this and #NoCollusion that she’d gone viral with @potus he scrolled through the comments the trolls were eating her alive he would unleash a twitterstorm to save her she would #love him #4Ever but then he saw a pattern the keyboard commandos mocked her profile pic, the one he jalapeñoed, and they shared her history those vile humans called her the unthinkable his mind turned, his brain stuck loading as if the WiFi had disconnected this had to be #Fakenews not @Amerika4Eva not his one true online love! he tweeted at her: is it true are you really one of them? but it was too late, his heart emoji broken she was gone, like all those other bots he’d loved before 

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