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Goodnight Moose

“Goodnight Moose” In the snowy forest there was a cabin and a red lantern and a window with — a girl looking out at a moose and there were three little bears playing on the stairs and two lynx kittens and a pair of fur mittens and a little cache house and young mouse and coming out from the brush, dogs and a sled and a man yelling “mush!” Goodnight forest Goodnight moose Goodnight girl looking out at the moose Goodnight lantern Goodnight bears on the stairs Good night lynx kittens Goodnight fur mittens Goodnight dogs and sled and goodnight aurora overhead Goodnight cache house and goodnight mouse Goodnight cabin Goodnight brush Goodnight to the man who yelled “mush.” Goodnight aurora Goodnight owl Goodnight moon and wolf howl. 

April, 6 2018 — Poem #6 for National Poetry Month (Homage to the children’s classic Goodnight Moon.) 

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