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A Man Named Moki

A dear friend lost her husband this week, and so many of us grieve with her, as this extraordinary human being at the center both her and their son's world, we also loved.

Moki --- even with him gone, saying his name brings a smile to my face. The guy was brilliant and hilarious and always had me cracking up about one thing or another. He swore like a sailor, because he was one, and he'd seen the meanest of water the Bering Sea had to offer. I'll never forget how he once fed Annette and I seafood dinner he brought back from a successful season, with king crab legs as big around as a normal man's biceps. But Moki was no normal man-- his handshakes and his hugs exuded a strength that let you know he was present and cared about you. One of those guys who could help you in a pinch with unflinching resolve and spirit.

His wife Christina has been my defacto (and completely voluntary) Raven's Gift publicist since the book came out. She's done more for my work than just about anyone, and we've been friends for nearly two decades. I cannot imagine the weight of this unexpected loss upon her and her boy right now, and like so many in times like this fall short of how to help or what to say.

While we try to figure that out, I wanted to share the Go Fund Me link friends created to help the family.

Here it is-- you can read more about him here, and smile with me when you say his name. I'll miss this man, Moki.

Thanks for helping if you can.


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