• Don Rearden

National Unicorn Day 🦄

[The Following is a transcript of actual text messages intercepted by the NSA] Sasquatch: the fur-less beasts R @ it again! Yeti: OMG! Nessie?

Sasquatch: no dude, them, humans Yeti: what now?

Sasquatch: another National day! Yeti: donut day? Yum!

Sasquatch: no, that was last month Yeti: National Margarita day?

Sasquatch: good guess, but no Yeti: I could check Twitter, or U tell me

Sasquatch: I’ll give you a hint Yeti: hang on, someone is coming up the trail

Sasquatch: get off your phone! Hide! Yeti: idiot walked right by, looking @ his phone! So what stupid National day is it?

Sasquatch: the last creature on earth Yeti: I hate your hints, always so vague Black Rhino? White rhino?

Sasquatch: no. Not one, they already killed all those! The last creature on earth that deserves a day Yeti: Duck billed platypus

Sasquatch: no Yeti: I didn’t think so, I just like saying platypus

Sasquatch: come on, guess! Yeti: polar bear?

Sasquatch: get real, this is National-fill-in-the-blank day! It can’t be serious, or meaningful—these are humans! Yeti: right. thinking...

Sasquatch: that’s a first! LOL —go with  ironic Yeti: cockroach day?

Sasquatch: you’re like them. No imagination.

Yeti: I don’t know, Cousin. I give up.

Sasquatch: Yeah. That’s about right.

[poem #9 for National Poetry Month].  

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