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you, Sir, have destroyed both the office and the word the origin is Latin, not that you care, or if someone told you, I’m sure you’d talk about your wall, rapists and drug dealers origins have no bearing on a compass with no needle praesident meant: sitting before as in, your job was to sit at the head of our country’s table say grace, be graceful act with dignity, not Hannity definitions of this word include terms antithetical to your very being: dignified, stately composure that befits a president it is no wonder, presidential will join the obsolete term: presiding, watching over as this comfort is also gone inside the very word presidential: present preside, reside you see only side and I an illusion, No Collusion!

your gold gilded towers

lean towards treason Fake News! we lose reason and rule of law you mock, turned the bully pulpit, to shit Sad!

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