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The Young Adult Edition of Never Quit Parachutes into Schools across the US

parachuted off shelves and into schools all over the US. Thanks to both St. Martin's Press and Scholastic, the book is available in book stores and at school book fairs in nearly every public school in the country. This version of Jimmy's incredible story will capture the imagination of young readers and inspire them to achieve new heights in their lives. Compelling non-fiction for young adults can be hard to find, which was why the publisher asked us to adapt the original Never Quit for a younger audience. So far the reviews have been humbling:

"A remarkable, inspiring story of steadfast courage and irrepressible determination." ―Kirkus Reviews

"Through Settle's self-effacing narrative, readers learn of the obstacles he faced, including near-impossible situations he had to overcome. Readers will feel his pain....An intriguing and fascinating story, and the fact that it is all true only adds to this fine autobiography. Those seeking a thrilling real-life adventure story similar to Brandon Webb's The Making of a Navy Seal will not be disappointed with this exciting read." ―School Library Journal

Check out the trailer for the new book, starring my buddy Jimmy Settle himself! Pick up a copy for the young reader in your life.

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