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My Valentine's Day Gift to You...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope this finds you all well, and feeling a little love today.

I thought I'd share some fun news with you, the subscribers to my silly little bi-yearly newsletter / blog. My latest writing project is completed. Three years of rewarding, invigorating, and meaningful work with one of the most interesting and intelligent souls I've ever met: Roger Sparks. The man with at least a million incredible stories. I'll say more about the process and the end product later, but I wanted to drop a little tease here. This book is unlike anything I've done in the past. The work with my buddy Jimmy on Never Quit led me to this project and an enduring friendship with Roger and a squadron of other unique individuals. I have a feeling Roger's story is going to have a lasting effect on a wide range of readers for many years to come. I know it did on me. I'm still learning from Roger and his story, and still learning something from both the book and the process. The experience has been transformative, and I hope you'll feel the same way once you've had a glimpse into Roger's world.

So here it is --- my Valentine's Day gift to you --- the cover of the new book.

Warrior's Creed. ---- with the killer cover morale patch created by the world famous artist Scott Campbell, and the front blurb by Marc Cameron, literally the new Tom Clancy. And I've also included my first ever studio head shot by my good friend, the crazy talented, Joe Yelverton. He's a dear friend, and clearly a wizard with a camera and can somehow make anyone, even this kid from the tundra, look half decent.

Thanks to all for the support and enthusiasm. Warrior's Creed comes out this July with St. Martin's Press. You can pre-order at your local book store or click here for a link to the major sellers.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Photo By Joe Yelverton.

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