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Dear Alaskan Oil Companies....

Dear Alaskan Oil Companies, I know I’ve written satirical pieces about you in the past, and I’m well aware of the hypocrisy of what I’m about to write seeing that I’ve mocked your need for endless profits and relentless efforts to destroy the planet; however, I’m not attempting to be a smartass here, this is the real Don—writing you with sincerity and a genuine love for all things Alaska and you too are a part of this fine state and right now we desperately need your help. You have sat silently on the sidelines watching Dunleavy’s veto nightmare and rejection of a bipartisan budget. Today is your last day to help us. I’m afraid our legislators and Governor Dunleavy will only listen to a request from you to stop this madness. They have refused to listen to scholars, educators, economists, not to mention leading business and philanthropic families. They have refused to listen to the 70% of Alaskans who don’t support the vetoes. They have refused to listen to reason. I am begging you, the most powerful and wealthy corporations on the planet, to step forward and add your voice to the cacophony of Alaskans who’ve gathered to save our university, our schools, our vulnerable elders, and pretty much our future as a state that can provide a quality life for your employees and their families and friends. Be silent no more. If you support Dunleavy’s gutting of our most basic and vital institutions then say so, but if you really care about Alaska and her citizens, then you too will demand an override to this insane attempt to dismantle our schools, our healthcare system, and our economy. You’ve already got the promise of revenue from Dunleavy, far beyond his silly $3000 payoff for votes scheme, but if you make a statement today, for Alaska, I promise to quit criticizing you in my writing. Heck, I’ll even write a public thank you and apologize for all my past transgressions. Help us save Alaska! Sincerely, A future fan?

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