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A Visit From Beyond

two nights ago in my sleep a friend came to visit bringing me from the place beyond bestowing such a gift and normally I control my dreams which means no surprises or fear and yet this friend I miss managed to make me laugh the kind of hard stomach clenching laughter that only he knew to pull from me and I laughed until my sides ached and then like all dreams came that point when I could recognize this was but a dream he was really no longer around I had the ability right then to change the narrative and take the reins perhaps talk to him and tell him how I missed him but instead I let it all go and I laughed and we laughed and I kept laughing until I woke and even now two days later I still smile when I think of his visit and how he seemed to know exactly what I needed and how he still shows me the way

(April 18,2023 #18 for National Poetry Month.)

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