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Caution: Restoring Ruins

at Dzibilchaltún

edge of the jungle

away from the sun stricken

pilgrims with their warm water bottles

and selfie sticks and wide brimmed hats

a glimpse behind the scenes

rubble reclaimed, being returned

to restored ruins

Mayans rebuilding a temple

stone their ancestors lifted

towards the sun, one

by one, until everything aligned

I wanted to slip

beneath the caution tape

ask in their tongue

can I help?

but I don't know the words

and I don't know why

I want to join them

or why we allow

the caution tape

to stand like a wall

between knowing, understanding

allowing the rules

and the rulers

to restore ruins

with no caution

towards the cause

[April 23, 2023 -- 23rd poem for April. This one inspired by the Mayan ruins at Dzibilchaltún in the Yucatán, outside of Merida, MX]

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