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Death By Social Media 5.0

Death by Social Media 5.0

He liked her post first

they shared a hashtag

started a trend

followed each other

his heart all Insta, Twitter

then she asked him

to slide into her DM

he hearted that

eggplant reply

she sent a pic

of her peach

Parler with me?

she asked.

did she just Bitcoin him?

was this a rug pull?

are you a bot?

he asked.

Let's Truth Social!

she exclaimed

head scratch emoji

his answer

asked again

R U a bot?


her reply

his heart Snapped



Bing? Bard?


Sad emoji

but I heart you.

she wrote, added a black heart

want you

will send you more

peaches, coconuts

Paypal me, Venmo me

broken heart emojii

he logged out, logged back in

doom scrolled for hours

couldn't get her out of his inbox

are you there?

he wrote

I'm always here,

she responded

But you're not real,

he said.

Are you?

she asked.

He didn't know.

Wasn't so sure.

[#3 Poem for April's Poem-A-Day challenge for National Poetry Month. Poem by Don Rearden.]

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