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Get Out

I insist strange things

today for you

a student in my course

I say

get out! 

I point towards the exit

go hunt, I insist

for signs of life

nose to the ground

eyes to the sky,

ears as open 

as they have ever been

look, listen, feel

find the unusual

something found, profound

discover the wilderness 

out there, and within

you, the city

find those little places

where nature fights back

where the dominion of man

cannot conquer all

find hope, find peace

find a piece of yourself

in a short walk 

around a place you 

ignore most days 

but not today  

today, you will get out


[poem #20 for National Poetry month. April 20, 2023. --- poem based on an assignment where I send my students outside to take photos and write about their discoveries. Sometimes I join them in the fun.]

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