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Tundra Saguaro

Tundra Saguaro

I don't think the kids believe me

when I tell them of the old days

before tundra saguaro

we ate blue berries

the size of marbles

so sweet

salmon in the rivers

fat, thick as your leg

tundra, then a sponge

soak your shoes

drench your socks

slurping noises with each step

now the earth crackles

beneath our feet

like our lips

now, new survival lessons

open the cactus for hydration

eat the fruit in fall

before the starving bears

become drunk from fermentation

when lost, the wide ribs

face north, or pull a spine

float the needle in water

if you can find some

the tip will face north

everything faces north

the kids ask about snow

a dream now

it covered everything,

I tell them

their doubt burns

with the sun

[April 1st, 2023 -- #1 poetry month challenge ]

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