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Covid-19 --- It Came From Outer Space

They Came From Outer Space

If they came from outer space

young and old

red state and blue

all nations, all religions

one and all, all for one

would unite

join the fight

spare no expense

throw every cliché in the book at them

if they came from outer space

we would defend humanity

and our planet to credits end

but this enemy flies no saucer

shoots no cosmic rays

doesn’t have scary teeth

yet, we fight

----not against the spike covered greasy protein

killing and sickening around the world

crushing economies, causing fear ----

we fight ourselves

argue over stimulus

spread hoaxes

condemn journalists

talk of tweets

imagine with me

if they came from outer space

a strange creature, needing human hosts

to survive and replicate

to spread and kill

many of the infected wouldn’t know

they would pass the alien to their loved ones

to you, to me

every six days the number of us infected

would double if we didn’t join forces

here’s the thing ---

we don’t need them to come from outer space

they are here

our nurses, doctors, first responders

battling night and day against an enemy

as scary as the aliens in our films

but invisible to the eye

does not mean we should be blind

we can defeat this scourge together

quit thinking in terms of nations, profits, power

focus on the people of this planet

remember this ---

if they came from outer space

WE would find a way to win

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