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First Reading in (Cyber) Space!

In a recent interview, a journalist asked, "Do you consider yourself an Alaska writer?" I said did, but later realized that I've really only read my work in Alaska! (If you don't count that one time in Toronto when The Raven's Gift first came out there.) That means that the other 49 States and zero other countries have heard my nonsense.

[The irony that it would take a pandemic for me to read outside of Alaska is not lost on me.]

I hereby announce it is time to change that! I will give my first reading to the world and universe tomorrow! Cyberspace here I come! I'm honored that the fine folks at BunkerLit have invited me to read tomorrow. Weds, May 6th. I think for the heck of it, I might give a few things away. Digital books. An old dog with horrible breath. One of my kids. You won't know or win if you don't tune in.

Hope to see a few of you there. Info on how to join us below.

Click on this link for more info -- and Check out BunkerLit --- great writers reading us all through this crisis!

date. Wednesday, May 6th time. 8pm EST bio. here link. join the live reading, meeting ID: 674 057 679, password: 644672

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