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New Form Alert! Poo Poetry Alert!

Sometimes writers are credited with creating a new poetic form. I thought I invented the Haipoo, and of course someone already beat me to it. But what about the Hai-Poo-Poo?

And with this, my legacy in the literary world is sealed, and officially down the toilet.

Here are the 2 rules.

  1. 2 lines of poo related prose, for-- you know, for #2

  2. 7 syllables in each line, for the seven types of poo on the Bristol Stool Chart

Here is the first ever Hai-Poo-Poo:


(A hai-poo-poo)

I wrote a verse, took a poo

and left them here, both for you

[Writer's Note: an early draft of this hai-poo-poo can be found in our outhouse on the Takotna River, outside of McGrath, Alaska.]

[4/26/2023 ---- National Poetry Month, poem a day challenged, officially swirling the drain.]

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